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Thought Leadership: Articles and Case Studies

We invite your connection by reading through the articles below on the subjects of leading and creating engagement at work and in life. We invite your thoughts and comments.

Tell Me Again: What’s the Difference Between Vision, Mission and Strategy?

A good boss wants to be sure she is crafting the right tool for the right purpose. Further, some want to know how critical having a Vision or Mission statement really is.

Hacks for the Overwhelmed Manager

Life is tough for a leader these days. Many organizations are relying on smaller teams to get the same work done, technology connects us to our co-workers 24 hours a day and we are expected to spend an inordinate amount of time in meetings and conference calls.  Even for the most resilient among us, this can lead to stress and a sense of overwhelm. More . . . 

Bring Your Best Self to Work

Folks feel uncomfortable being themselves at work because of some struggle with a co-worker or boss that makes work unpleasant. We just want to get through the day as quick and painlessly as we can and get home. While the attitude is understandable, it’s unfortunate for a couple of reasons: as a team member you approach work with a guardedness, always being careful not to share too much and, as a result, not being fully engaged and resourceful. And the organization loses out on your full range of creativity, commitment and resourcefulness. More . . . 

What is Coaching?

. . .  the transformation that occurs in an individual when the individual’s innate gifts, skills, and perspectives are leveraged to improve his or her effectiveness.

Leaders: Make Your Meetings More Productive

Meetings are rarely a favorite part of a leader’s day but meetings can and should be engaging and productive.  So how can we leverage meetings to move the business forward?