Most importantly, you can look at this as leadership development rather than “management training.” Most “management” training programs deal with very specific topics like calendar management, software education, and productivity tools.

The R2L program, by contrast, leverages everyone’s innate talents and gifts, and helps them become an authentic, inspiring leader. Our goal is to have people become more confident and effective in their leadership—and translate that into better performance.

To put it another way: you can learn how to use one tool effectively, or you can learn how to lead through difficult, challenging situations and opportunities that are hard to foresee right now, and set up yourself and your team for success both now and into the future.

Management training doesn’t deal with the underlying issue.

Instead, it teaches you a very precise skill. This is like putting a band-aid on your arm because it hurts, without dealing with the actual broken bone underneath. You’re still dealing with day-to-day crises brought about because your team hasn’t found a way to work together effectively.

Ready2Lead’s approach allows you to be agile, resourceful, and inspiring; to address a much broader range of issues; and help people become the contributors they really want to be. When you get these fundamentals right, you don’t need narrow-band management training any longer.