Before getting to money, we’d want to have a conversation about your situation and your needs so we can provide a specific financial proposal. There are a few variables here: among them, how many people participate in the program, and whether we deliver the sessions in person or via video chat.

As you’d expect, in-person comes in higher than video chat.

Our minimum group size is 4, and our maximum is 12. Keeping the groups small allows for better participation, as well as your coach getting to better know each individual.

All of that being said, the cost per person is significantly less than sending them to a traditional management conference—especially when you add in travel and hotels and meals.

The investment will be more similar to traditional 2-3 day in-person professional development. But we think it can be more effective because people are able to apply their learning immediately and come back to the group and reflect on it.

There’s also zero cost in terms of disruption. You get to go through the program in your own space. With only a couple hours of meeting time per week, people aren’t out of the office and don’t get behind on their day-to-day responsibilities.

So, to get started, let’s schedule a conversation about your needs and how we can help. We will quickly provide a specific proposal and answer your questions. Then we can get to the real work of building up your leadership bench.