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Part 2 in our Great Performance Series: Deliver Great, Actionable Feedback (and feeling good about it)

January 13th, 2024|

Part 2 in our Great Performance Series: Deliver Great, Actionable Feedback (and feeling good about it) In Part 1 we talked about the three primary reasons that people don’t perform as ...

It’s Evaluation and Feedback time: A three-part series on enhancing performance and giving actionable feedback

January 13th, 2024|

It’s Evaluation and Feedback time! : Part 1 of the Great Performance Series. A three-part series on evaluating what drives great performance and how to talk to your team members about ...

Why are Some Teams High Performing and Others, Not So Much?: Gathering Your Thoughts on the Topic of Collective Intelligence

December 7th, 2023|

Of course, you’re likely familiar with the myriad of individual personality and strengths assessments available to team leaders today. Think DISC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, Leade ...

The change you’re seeking comes via the knowledge that you have the capacity to get what you want. Through our powerful conversations around your real-life challenges, a focus on your strengths, the research-based tool kit I have for you, and adopting best practices, you can become the leader you were born to be.



“My leadership style wasn’t inspiring the results that I wanted and needed to see from my team. I’ve studied corporate communication and tried several approaches on my own, but I was too close to the situation to be able to see a clear path forward. My sessions with Andy produced an “a-ha!” moment for me every time. There were even a few habits I had that I thought were helpful, but were contributing to the lack of progress. Andy’s conversational, low-key, no-judgement coaching style is brilliant. I highly recommend working with him. It will change your business for the better.”

Laura, Vice President

“Andy helped me to have a better understanding of myself. Instead of telling me what I am doing wrong or what I need to focus on or develop, he continuously helped me figure out the things I need to work on. He did a very good job on this. He asked questions and helped me find the answers. He helped me to manage my stress, build self-confidence, and build good relationships with others. I would definitely recommend him to others.”

Archana, Product Manager

“I’d like to bottle Andy’s style and sell it to all! He listened, asked curious questions and led me to find my own solutions. The fact that we build out plans together rather built my confidence and reaffirmed that with some effort I have what it takes. I am a more confident leader for having spent time with him and I’m very grateful.”

Chuck, Virtual/Augmented Reality Executive

“Andy was a great sounding board for helping me talk through what I consider a foundation for my management philosophy, and what success looks like for how I support people.”

Kevin, Engineering Manager
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