My purpose on this planet is to help people identify and activate their potential. To live that purpose, I work under some guiding principles. I’m not perfect but these principles at least give me a touchstone from which to set priorities and make decisions:

I believe in the capacity of every human being to be creative and resourceful and whole. We all have the everything we need to get what we want in our lives.

To get there, we need to get clear on who we are, where our values and strengths and limiting beliefs lie. We need to learn to tell the truth to ourselves and to others.

Our growth generally, not always, comes from challenge and struggle. We learn best when our assumptions are put to the test. When we show up open and ready to learn and ready to be a bit uncomfortable, we can quickly change for the better.

And we need to get into action. Even the wrong action, within reason, is far better than standing still. Because we’ll learn from it and we will be smarter because of it and we will have momentum. Thinking doesn’t overcome fear, but action does.

As leaders, our job is to support those around us to perform at their best to be fulfilled in the process. When that is occurring, magical things happen.

The change you’re seeking comes via the knowledge that you have the capacity to get what you want. Through our powerful conversations around your real-life challenges, a focus on your strengths, the research-based tool kit I have for you, and adopting best practices, you can become the leader you were born to be.


I work mostly with leaders of fast-growing enterprises, people who are moving fast and who’s organizations are undergoing change. More so, I work with people who want to grow both professionally and personally, a leader who brings his or her personal values to the organization and sees the universe as supportive. A leader who wants to grow the business not only for personal fulfilment and for the benefit of the family, but also for the benefit of the team members and the customers of the business. Someone eager for input and learning and willing to be held accountable for his/her commitments. Someone willing to be challenged, not for the sake of challenge, but for the positive change it can create.

I call my business Upside because I’m inherently optimistic and believe in the inherent goodness of people. When people are called forth for their strengths and given the right environment and the right tools, they will constantly amaze. The value I bring is to empowering leaders to reach their potential, support their teams and grow the business.

I find people want to do the right things- generally what gets in the way are our fears of being left behind, being left off the team or being found out for who we really are. Well, who we really are, at our essence, are marvelous creatures with the will and capacity and energy to succeed. I’m here to help you release those fears, put the right tools in place, and have the impact you were meant to have on this planet. I do that through Executive Coaching and through a library of Leadership Development practices, all with a focus on you showing up with authenticity and in your unique strengths.




Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are too busy living our fears.

– Les Brown

These workshops can help your team become more aligned, get into action and achieve the results you envision.

They are invigorating, interactive sessions based on bringing out people’s strengths and creating a cohesive, powerful team.